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How Do You Treat Anxiety?

Over the past two decades, incredible progress has been made in the treatment of mental illnesses, including anxiety disorders.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy helps sufferers recognize and change the thought patterns and behaviors that lead to feelings of stress and anxiety.

Antidepressants and anxiety-reducing drugs are another options for treating the symptoms of the disorder. Because such medications carry the risk of side effects, this approach is usually considered only when attacks are frequent and is typically used in combination with therapy.

Your doctor will have many options to consider when deciding to initiate prescription treatment. No one medicine is right for everyone. In fact, you and your doctor may have to try two or more options until you find the one that makes the biggest difference with the fewest side effects.

Another powerful option is Mindfulness which has its roots in Buddhist meditation. The western world has since realigned the language but kept its core goal which can be described as an attempt to strengthen the self-regulation of attention that is spent on the here and now. Basically, when anxiety has hijacked the thought process, and it just spins in circles around a few worries or angst, the skills of mindfulness allow someone to stop the cycle, put the worry aside for a period, and focus on any task at hand, whether it be work, study or a conversation with a friend. One of the most used programs was developed by Jon Kabat-Zinn in the USA. It is an eight-week course offered by many nurses, doctors and counsellors. He has also written several books that help you learn these skills on your own. If you suffer from any form of anxiety, Mindfulness is a great skill to start learning about, along with the other resources you explore.

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